Edith is one of the pioneers of Body Positive Blogging. She encourages so many women to get out and experience the world. Through travel, through exercise and just by merely showing up for life. Her zest for life pops off the pages of her blog and is evident in every photo she posts. She’s truly an inspiration.

-Annette Richmond, creator of Fat Girls Traveling & Blogger behind “From Annette With Love”, Bay Area, California (USA)

I discovered The Plus-Size Backpacker in 2015 when planning my first international trip. Edith’s website is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found for plus-size travelers. She’s introduced me to useful products and travel tips that have come in handy on my subsequent trips. I’ll always refer to The Plus-Size Backpacker when planning an adventure.

-Jen M., 34, Asheville, North Carolina (USA)

For a plus-size traveler, packing is always a concern. I need a high-quality, resilient wardrobe that can withstand commercial laundry and lots of re-wearing. I also like to travel light, so I had to put together a targeted strategy for living out of a carry-on suitcase for 9 months. Without The Plus-Size Backpacker, I don’t know if I could have done it. I’m currently in month 6 and going strong! Thanks so much!

-Amanda D., 33. San Francisco, CA (USA)

I really love The Plus-Size Backpacker! I have gained weight over the past few years but it has always been a dream of mine to go to Machu Picchu. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it because of my size. Reading the article on Peru changed that perception for me and made me excited to do this trip in February!

-Erin J., 28, Spokane, WA (USA)

Seeing your blog made me realize I shouldn’t be afraid to travel as a curvy girl. I love your pictures and how you are so honest about the ups and downs of solo travel. I’m currently touring Southeast Asia and Nepal and feeling body positive all the way! Thank you!

-Gemma F., 29, London (UK)

The Plus-Size Backpacker helped inspire me to start Hush&Hound, a PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) blog, and Wannabe Local, my travel blog that focuses on art history and how to be a local. Your blog was my first introduction to the incredibly supportive group of plus sized travelers.

The blog is full of wonderful resources that I keep going back to. But it was your encouraging voice that truly made me comfortable getting back into traveling.

-Selena, M. 30, San Diego, CA (USA)

I’ve overcome so many barriers as a woman living in a larger body, but travel has always been an area of fear for me. The Plus-Size Backpacker has helped me smash the walls that have kept me from feeling free while exploring the world around me.

Edith bravely explores and lets us know that it’s safe for all of us to live life to its fullest. Her honest approach helps us pack our “emotional backpacks” for our own personal journeys.

Most recently, Edith’s blog helped me find an awesome backpack that fits my body!

-Meghan P., 41, New Jersey, USA