It’s really quiet in here!

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been rather quiet these past few weeks and I certainly hope to rectify that situation soon enough!

I’m presently working on establishing contacts with different retailers of Backpacking Gear and Plus Size Clothing, among others, and this has been taking a lot of the time dedicated to my blog!

Chilling in Oka Beach, just outside Montreal – Aug 24

I’m also compiling a detailed list of clothing retailers that also sell online, along with their shipping and duties & customs policies and more details; the idea is to finally have all these sellers in a unique, easy to browse list that will tell you all and avoid any bad surprises (high duties bill, no delivery in your country, etc.).

I’m also still working out to increase my hiking capacities in order to climb the Pacaya volcano, in Central Guatemala, on October 31st.  What a great way to celebrate Halloween!

running cake
I don’t plan on becoming a “cupcake”, but I thought this was cute enough…

In the mean time, I hope you stick around and provide your input on the topic of Plus Size Backpacking!

Take care!

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