Friday Tips & Tricks – All You Can Do With a Scarf!

The list of things you can do with a decent, not too thin or too thick and not too dark scarf (go for a basic neutral color, like sand or medium grey), is endless…

-cover up your head and/or shoulders if you visit a place of worship or any place that required a bit more modesty

-will save you from a bad hair day (especially if you can rock the Erykah Badu look!)

-can serve as a beach sarong or back-up skirt if your luggage gets lost

-use as light blanket or roll it up and make it a pillow for the plane/bus/transport terminal

-back up shawl for cooler evenings

-should you get hurt, it will help you support an injured arm or elbow

-it will accessorize all your outfits


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