Friday Tips & Tricks – Tying The Knot?

Dental floss or dental tape (same thing than floss but flat instead of round) doesn’t only help maintaining healthy teeth and gums; it doubles as a resistant multi-purpose thread!

-Fix torn clothes/socks/underwear or sow broken buttons back on

-Use to downsize clothing, should you drop some weight while away

-Should you face high grass filled with insects, snakes and all or should you face some cold weather, use it to tie the bottom of your pants tight around your ankle; it will keep you from creepy crawlies and/or cold

-Suspend mosquito net over your bed or sow back broken mosquito screen on window

-Carefully separate pictures stuck together because of humidity (it takes 2 people to do that though, one to hold the pictures, one to slide the floss in between!)


-Quiet a drippy faucet (tie a piece long enough to go from faucet to drain, the water drops will slide along the floss instead of loudly dripping!)

-If you don’t have or can’t use a padlock on your luggage and don’t have “tie wraps”, you can replace it with floss and pass many times to keep your zippers together and you will know if your luggage has been looked into

-Emergency light-duty clothesline

-Temporarily replace a broken shoelace

-Rethread a broken bead bracelet/necklace/anklet

-Tie stuff together!


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