Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again… The time to wish you some very happy holidays!

First and foremost: thank you for being part of this adventure that will celebrate its 6th anniversary next April ! (How time flies!)

May 2019 bring you health, love, amazing surprises and, of course, wonderful adventures.

I also wish us, plus-size travelers, to find the strength to keep on pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone. Whether it’s a small step or a giant leap, it’s always worth it. (That is probably one of the most important lessonz I learned from solo travel.)

In 2019, I hope that…

… the world will realize how awful fat-phobia is, and how it’s unfortunately still socially accepted in many circles. (And that is very wrong.)

… the media will figure out that “self-acceptance” and “body positivity” is not the same thing. (Check out that Twitter thread from last September in which I wrote specifically about that.)

… that mainstream feminism will include fat-phobia in their main agenda. Though “size conforming” is a societal pressure that isn’t exclusive to women, we can agree that this pressure is extremely high on girls and women. That the stress to fit a certain size starts even younger nowadays, often as early as elementary school. Like rape culture, diet culture is one of submission that wants to keeps women in a position of weakness. If that doesn’t make it an essential feminist matter, nothing will.

… that we will find a way to unite and “better inter-sectionalize” the fat acceptance fight. So that people of color (POC), Aboriginal people, all sizes and silhouettes of fat people, all genders and orientations, all ages, health status and all walks of life, so that everyone affected feel represented in a broader, more inclusive, fat acceptance movement. There is a whole world beyond Ashley Graham. She’s the exception, not the rule.

(As a white woman with many privileges, I completely acknowledge and understand why many communities – POC, LGBTQIA2+, etc. – feel a need to create their own movement and voices. Their struggle goes way beyond mine. We have – too often – failed them. We need to fix that, once and for all.)

Never forget: the more inter-sectional we get, the louder and stronger we will become. We have all to win to be more inclusive of ALL people in our fight.

May the gatherings of the last days of 2018 be a source of joy, laughter and care.

Most importantly: don’t forget to self-care.

Even if it may sometimes mean saying “no” to invitations. Or reacting not to let yourself being trampled by food / body-shaming.

♥ Be a gift to the person who matters the most: YOURSELF. ♥ 

Happy holidays.
Lots of luck and love. And of all those things we never get enough.


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