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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLOG! 4 Years Already…

Last Sunday, The Plus-Size Backpacker turned FOUR! At that age, a blog is a bit like a late teenager/young adult: it knows relatively well where it’s heading but remains open to change if opportunity knocks (or necessity requires it). On the other hand, it still has this desire to please and simultaneously wants to prove its purpose to the whole world, possibly in a flashy, rebellious, non-traditional way! ►►►

Quebec Tourism

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show: COME OUT AND PLAY!

So I spent last weekend at the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show, thanks to the organization who invited me to be an official blogger for the event! I had a GREAT time. From the numerous (over 200 !) exhibitors to the Paddlers’ Paradise pool, there was so much to see! Now I want to start all sorts of new activities and hike all over… ►►►