Marla Tank Dress by SWAK Designs

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Photo : Louis-Philippe Joly

As a backpacker, I try to remain open to as many opportunities as possible, activity-wise.  And it’s not because I usually present a quite casual look that I don’t want to be ready for a special night!  I often treat myself with the occasional fancy dinner/activity during my trips; often, in order to be able to do that, I need at least one appropriate outfit for the occasion!

Dresses and tunics can be interesting choices for these situations.  And SWAK Designs strikes again with the cutest, most comfortable dress that will take you from the beach to the city in a heart beat!  The Marla Tank Dress is pretty much what is needed to transition from a hiking excursion to a night on the town.  It’s also ideal as a hot weather outfit, as it can easily be paired with most type of sandals.  It’s the type of dress that can easily be worn to spend a whole day strolling in a new city without looking too scruffy… sometimes, it’s nice to dress up a bit while away! And because it’s an item that is worn “on its own”, you don’t have to bother with the mix & match possibilities… all you need to do is to make sure you pack a pair of appropriate shoes/sandals to wear with it.  (Because it’s quite colorful, many color will fit : black, brown, grey, beige, purple… and pretty much any color that you find in that funky print!)

Photo : Louis-Philippe Joly

I always loved dresses that have empire waist as they usually fits very well with my silhouette.  Good news : this one is no exception! I also found the length to be perfect for me (for your info : I’m 5’8).  On the other hand, I was a bit worried about how much cleavage I would show before putting my Marla Tank Dress on.  (I don’t really like showing too much in that area!).  To my surprise, once it was on, I realized it fits perfectly with my bust.  Because there is a good coverage on the shoulders, you can wear pretty much any bra you want with it (another great thing about it!).

You can fit pretty much any type of sandals or more or less dressed shoes with this dress, from ballerina flats to higher heels.  (In this, I went for Merrell sandals with straps that don’t have too much of a sport look to it.  And I find it looks just fine!)

Finally, to avoid inner thigh chafing (a plus-size nightmare!), you can wear bike shorts underneath (if you don’t want it to show); visible leggings (like in the pictures) gives it a more casual look, yet doesn’t ruin the style.


Price : $ 59.90 US (regular price – approx. € 52 / £ 42)
Fabric:  95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Color: Purple Multiprint
Sizes available: 1X to 6X
Washing & Care: Hand wash cold water; lay flat to dry

-Lightweight & compact
-Non wrinkly
-Stylish yet versatile
-Short air dry time

Photo : Louis-Philippe Joly

If, while away, you expect to do activities that could require a look a bit more sophisticated than the usual backpacker outfit, this dress is a perfect choice.  It’s the kind of clothes that requires so little space in your luggage that, even if you don’t end up using it (which would be surprising, considering it’s quite a versatile piece), you will not be sorry for giving it the little space it needs. Make sure you check out their other super cute plus-size dresses for more alternatives!

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