Travel Friendly Plus Size Clothing: A List

In order to keep you entertained (and, hopefully, not too broke due to excessive shopping) while I’m backpacking through Guatemala, here is a list of Plus Size Retailers that offer Backpacker & Travel Friendly clothing.

Click HERE to download the Excel spreadsheet of Plus Size Retailers

I spent a little over a month compiling these data; I will not pretend that it is absolutely complete, but I think it provides a more than decent start for those who don’t know where to start in their Plus Size outfit quest.

Though this list is long, I hand-picked a few favorites retailers (within the one baring the ♥ symbol):

Old Navy Canada ( and
Old Navy US (
OneStopPlus (
Esther Williams Swimwear (

In their own ways, these 3 retailers offer young, trendy and practical clothes that will cater to a lot of your Plus Size traveling needs and I personally used and enjoyed products from all 3 and plan on shopping more there!

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