If You Still Wonder “Who Wants to See Plus-Size Models?”…

After reading an article on “inspiring plus-size models from Montreal”, in a newspaper, last February, I noticed that we still have a long way to go to reach “fat tolerance”.  (Let’s not even dream about fat acceptance for the moment…)

Because so many commentators, generally males of all ages, could only ramble and babble the same few thoughts: “Rolls. Fat. Who wants to see that?”

And then just last week, I saw this add from plus-size retailer Addition Elle on Instagram…

Is it just me or… the woman wearing the black and blue dress is… really not plus-size? (Not that the one in the fuchsia dress is so big…)

More than ever, I felt the need to release this draft that’s been long overdue…!

Here’s my response about who wants to see plus-size models…

I know who wants to see plus-size models…

I want to see that.

My friends too.

And so many people around you.

Some people NEED to see a variety of bodies in fashion. 

People suffering in silence from eating disorders; more than anyone, they need to see that there is more than one beauty standard.

People like your cousins, your neighbors, your coworkers, your boss, or that nice lady you take the bus with every day.

Or maybe people like your sister, who has been struggling with her body image for as long as she remembers.

In your own family, people like your daughter, who’s growing up bombarded by starlets and models baring tiny waists and never-ending legs. That same daughter who’s not sure if and where her body belongs, when she looks at these images.

People like your mother, who lost and gained a million pounds in her life. And still feels like a failure about her weight.

People like your girlfriend or wife, who is afraid to ask you if you find her beautiful because she doesn’t have a Victoria Secret’s model body.

The ones who need to see plus-size models are the same girls and women that you would never tell your fat-shaming troll comments to. Because you don’t insult people you care for.

Only the ones you are certain you will never see.

Isn’t the Internet great? A place where you can destroy someone’s self-esteem remotely, without any consequence or remorse…

Not only do we WANT to see plus-size models, but we NEED to see that. We need to see that women can be beautiful at every size, and that includes the curvier, heavier ones too.

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