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I Travel. Big Time.

This open letter was sent to the 3 major French newspapers in the Montreal area – La Presse, Le Devoir & Le Journal de Montréal – in January-February 2017. It was never published, though it was written according to the requirements of each publication. So here it is, for your “pleasure”, and hopefully, for you to share around, so it can get the visibility it deserves. ►►►

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True Story

CouchSurfing endorses Fat-Bashing (part 1)

After a (public) exchange on Twitter with @gotravel during which I mentioned my Indian epic adventures that included being kicked out by our Couch$urfing (C$) host in Goa, India (they were not “tagged” as you can see, just mentioned), they suggested I should write a reference, a thing I was reluctant to do up to now in order to maintain a certain “peace” and avoid public fights and retaliation. ►►►