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Sportive Plus: Open Sesame!

It is after whining to my friend LP about the lack of technical fabric-made apparel in plus sizes that he told me that there was a store on St. Laurent (Montreal’s main street) around Laurier, in the Mile-End, that caters to plus-size women sports apparel needs. ►►►

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CouchSurfing endorses Fat-Bashing (part 1)

After a (public) exchange on Twitter with @gotravel during which I mentioned my Indian epic adventures that included being kicked out by our Couch$urfing (C$) host in Goa, India (they were not “tagged” as you can see, just mentioned), they suggested I should write a reference, a thing I was reluctant to do up to now in order to maintain a certain “peace” and avoid public fights and retaliation. ►►►

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Chiquita BANDANA !

A post fully dedicated to this often-seen-but-always-underestimated accessory: the good old bandana. A neutral colored version (grey, beige, black) will take you a long way but considering the necessary space, treat yourself and bring many different! ►►►