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Inspired by Sarah, a.k.a. Queen Sized Flava, someone I recently met and who successfully (after being turned down again and again) made the Forever 21 plus-size collection available in the province of Quebec (it was already sold elsewhere in Canada and in the US), I decided to give it a shot and ask my favorite outdoor & sport equipment retailer, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), what they have in store for PS travelers and outdoor junkies…

I recently contacted outdoor and gear equipment stores like Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and La Cordée to know if they plan on having a decent range of “plus-size friendly” equipment and clothing.  I would have to verify for the equipment part, but I know for sure that, in the US (I’m in Canada, the northern neighbor!), the range of sizes and clothing is much more interesting for plus-size travelers.

I was a bit disappointed by that “ready-made” answer I got.  “We simply cannot accommodate additional sizes (like XS or XXL) in every style”… from what I found on their website in terms of plus-size, the biggest side they carry is a hand (not so full) of XXL in men’s clothing (10-15 articles) and nothing larger than a size 14 for women.  From what I understand, they can barely accommodate people that are within regular sizes…!

(I also posted the same request on the French page, and got the same answer, but translated, from the same JF.)

I would love to get your opinion on this and, if you did or plan on doing similar requests, the answers you get (or the ones you didn’t get, like the radio silence I got from La Cordée…)

Do you know any sports store (wherever in the WORLD) that accommodates up to a size 24-26 for example?

Write comments or use Contact Me to let me know about your ideas, experiences and all!


  1. As PS person I usually look on eBay or casualmale (USA) to get my clothes,now I know for some of us is hard to diet or lose the weight but I went from wearing a size 5x to a snug 3x,still find it hard to shop at a store or mall (but then again I dislike the whole shopping experience),

    I still on occasion head over to a sporting good store and at times seem to find a few 3x but in the styles I would never wear,large letters,as it is I already get looks at times why add more.

    When I have asked I usually get the “don’t know” response,so I just stick with eBay for certain travel clothes,somewhere in the country it was made but never made it out to the rack.

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