CouchSurfing endorses Fat-Bashing (part 5 – The End)

(Click here to read Part 4 of “CouchSurfing endorses Fat-Bashing”…)

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Told you I would have the last word… 🙂 (Wish it ended differently though…)

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These were my last words…

cs deletecs deleted

The End…
Of that Battle.

Or the beginning of a New Crusade?


  1. Hmm this is crazy. They were really determined to ignore your point. I’m sorry this all happened, and I think you were too kind to hide the offending user’s name and profile pic, but maybe I’m just petty. :p
    Are you worried about finding accommodation now that you don’t have a CS profile?

    • Hi ButterBunny,
      Well, I usually try to play it safe when the posted things I refer to are not 100% public (like in this case, where you have to be a user of CS and in my “network” to see the whole thing). You know. The whole defamation risk… I can’t afford a lawyer, haha!
      That event made me disable and leave CS altogether. I had already opted for hostels for some of my lodging needs and, as I often travel solo, the security I “buy” by paying for a hostel bed keeps my mind – and my mom! – feeling relieved. I am not crossing hospitality exchange forever from my life, but CS, unless I hear of a clear change of heart, is a big “no” for me. (Since it converted to a “for profit” company, the original spirit was lost, as per many original users of this service.)

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