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Lost & FauneI discovered the brand Lost & Faune as I was Christmas shopping for myself, last December, at the Nutcracker Market, held yearly in Montreal. My mission? Find gifts for MYSELF, as my hubby ordered me! #BestHusbandEver #GiftsFromMeToMe

I immediately fell in love with Lost & Faune‘s nature & travel inspired jewels. Another nice surprise: stainless steel is often used in their creations. This is a blessing for people who have a skin that “eats” and tarnishes silver almost instantly. Add to this that stainless steel is a rugged material that allows it to follow in even the most intense adventure, without harm.

Lost & Faune jewels are simple but never boring. Somehow sophisticated, but not too chic. Very versatile, just the way I like my bling. It wil definitely follow you everywhere, from the mountain to a night on the town! And they are made in Montreal!  #ShopLocal

Here is a mini Q&A I made with Christine, the designer behind the brand, to know more about her inspiration and the brand’s upcoming projects…

Lost & Faune

Christine, you are the “designer and beads bachelor” behind Lost & Faune, a jewelry brand made in Montreal and inspired by travels and nature, among other things. Why did you choose jewelry as your form of artistic expression, as your “medium” ?

It’s a pure coincidence. Originally, I did a college degree in Fashion design and I really wanted to succeed in that field. After studying, I realized that I wasn’t “flourishing” like I thought I would, so I turned to plastic arts, then jewelry making, which quickly became my favorite hobby. With time, it eventually became a passion.

What can we expect for the next Lost & Faune collection, planned for next spring? Any new project or collaboration to be expected?

We can’t wait to unveil the 2017 Spring/Summer collection. We continue with the travel, camping and nature themes, as we don’t get tired of all this beauty around us. A few new pieces will be made in Israel by two creative sisters with whom we have developed a business partnership through social media. We will also use vintage pieces from the USA that we will hand paint and there are lots of semi-precious stones for this season! We have collaborations with women who are inspiring us all through the season!

And here’s a scoop: the new collection will be released on March 15, 2017 !

What type of traveler are you: a backpacker or more of a “I’ll bring this, just in case” overpacker?

I’m clearly a backpacker when I travel. I pack as little as I can when I leave and I come back loaded as a mule (I always bring back so many souvenirs) ! But since I have kids, it’s a bit more difficult to travel light. Every single time, the amount of luggage impresses and discourages me. But so far, we manage and we try to keep visiting places, even if it’s just for a camping getaway weekend.

Lost & Faune earrings
“Narwhal” image earrings — “Snowflake” earrings — “Antler” earrings

What part(s) of the world inspired – or inspires – you the most?

Each part of the world has its own unique form of beauties. Every season, I get my influence from a trend, or sometimes a picture, from here or from far away. Inevitably, I go back home to my native Côte-Nord (the North shore of the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Quebec). The thick coniferous forests, the wild animals, the never-ending waterways and the raw nature of where I grew up are my most important source of inspiration.

Lost & Faune logoLOST & FAUNE
Montreal, Canada
Tel.: +1-514-991-8170
Email : allo@lostandfaune.ca
Facebook : @lostandfaune
Twitter : @LostAndFaune

Instagram : @lostandfaune

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