Tilley’s Liberty Fabric Shirt

Tilley, a Canadian company famous for its adventure hats, designed & made in Canada, also sells clothing… even better… they have plus-size clothing!  Their claim is that their products “are designed and engineered for travel, so you are ready for the unexpected turn in the road ahead”.

Let’s see if their Liberty Shirt sticks to these claims… (Good news for the gentlemen out there: they have similar models for men!)

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**Note : for this review, I decided to use Tilley’s own criteria to evaluate their product.**
You can find the criteria HERE.

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Versatility – items with multiple options
Lightweight – for light packing and multiple mix and match opportunities

  • Can be a life saver if needing a more “dressed look”  to attend fancier occasions but will also match just fine most bottoms, casual or not, from skirts to cargo pants!
  • Though the prints can be quite colorful, it will still match with most “neutral” colored items
  • The same shirt comes in variety of prints from funky to more “mature” so you can get many of the same model in different colors, everyone will find something they like!

Note : A great addition would be those little straps that helps keeping your sleeve rolled up

Breathable, moisture-wicking – maximize comfort in hot environments or while engaging in active pursuits. Plus they’ll dry quickly when caught in an unexpected rainstorm
Wash ‘n’ wear – wash them in your hotel sink and hang to air dry overnight

  • I couldn’t believe this was COTTON, which usually takes forever to air-dry and is generally a big “no” in my luggage!  After a proper wring, this shirt will dry in a few hours (or overnight), as promised, and be ready for the adventures of the next day!
  • The fabric does breath well and considering it’s quick-drying feature, I have no doubt it won’t stay damp for long!

Stretch for comfort

  • The cut is generous and loose, yet it’s not shapeless
  • The fabric used is flexible and won’t restrict movements. I can easily picture myself going on a hike or do some outdoorsy activities wearing my new shirt!

Many pockets – store phone, glasses, boarding passes, maps for hands-free travel
Secure valuables and deter pick pockets – use Velcro®, zippered and hidden secret pockets

  • Doesn’t apply to this item which only has a regular chest pocket
This shirt wasn't ironed, yet it doesn't suffer too much from it ! (click to open the full size in a new window)
This shirt wasn’t ironed, yet it doesn’t suffer too much from it ! (click to open the full size in a new window)

Strength and durability – some are even guaranteed for life not to wear out

  • Doesn’t apply to this item

Wrinkle-resistant and Packable – roll them up and go

  • That shirt is very packing efficient (light & compact, can wrinkle a bit, but doesn’t look too scruffy);
  • It doesn’t require ironing (and who has time to do that anyway when traveling!) See image for proof!     =>

UPF Certified – sun protection built into the fabric
To be updated when I get the chance to test it under actual sun, considering right now it’s still the heart of winter in Montreal…!

Definitely a good pick.  The product sticks to the company claims and has great potential considering the value it occupies in a backpack. It has all the essential features of great travel clothing!

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