Who is the Plus-Size Backpacker?

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Hello everyone.

I decided to create this blog as a tool for budget travelers in general, but mostly to try to provide creative answers and suggestions to the challenges faced by plus-size travelers, especially the one who are traveling (by choice or necessity!) on a budget.

I’m a 32-year-old 5 ft 8 plus-size woman who, after falling in love with travels, fell in love with the joys of low-cost and freestyle exploration of other parts of the world.

Yep, That’s me.

In 2011, when I decided to go to India, my 5 feet-90 lbs friend G. told me, with a glance of challenge in her eyes, “When I left for 6 weeks to go to South-East Asia, I only brought a carry-on, no checked luggage”. I looked at her with my most sincere smile and said: “G, your panties are this size” along with a tiny hand gesture. “My panties are THIS big (picture me doing a gesture about the size of a computer screen); carry-on luggage is not proportionate to height and weight! I’ll never be able to travel with just a hand luggage!” (Though she was wrong on this one, G as been a great source of ideas and suggestions for my backpacking trips and I owe her my headlamp.)

And it’s on the premiss that traveling wouldn’t be as simple for me as it would be for many other “standard size” backpackers that came the idea of writing a blog about the best-fitted gear, the most “plus-size friendly” airlines and other advice pertaining to being a budget-but-chubby traveler. I can’t be the only plus-size traveler, yet I haven’t met many, not to say any at all.


I’m still unable to answer this one…

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