True Story

Plus-Size People Don’t Matter.

Sunday morning, not so long ago. I’m sipping a London Fog coffee and scrolling down my Facebook, checking what my friends are up to – new babies, funny pets, silly kids and the latest of Jimmy Fallon viral sketches – when I stumble upon a video that was shared on one of my friend’s wall. ►►►

Quebec Tourism

Lookback on the 1st Montreal + Fashion Week…

Montreal recently held it’s very first plus-size fashion week under the name Montreal + Fashion Week (a.k.a. MTLplusFW) during the May 20-22 weekend. Though fashion is a topic I hardly mention on this blog, I have to command the very inclusive nature of the event, and not necessarily because I was a guest speaker at the event (click here to find out more about “Pack Small-Think Big!”), but because the event also explored not only plus-size fashion and different aspects of well-being for plus-size women. ►►►