The #NousPouvonsEtre (#WeCanBe) Campaign

Back in September, as I was backpacking through Southern Peru, I received an email from Sportive Plus, asking me if I wanted to take part in the filming of a 4-clip campaign that would be launched before the holidays. (That’s the same brand that hosted my e-book launch, last February…) These clips would be about… plus-size inspiring women! Super flattered of the offer, I had to say yes!

In case you didn’t see the post I shared earlier on Facebook and Twitter, well… I’m glad to announce that this campaign was launched last week, along with its hashtag #NousPouvonsEtre (translation: #WeCanBe). Right in time for the holidays!

I’m super thrilled they thought of me to appear in this campaign, but I’m also so glad to be able to share the message they are sending out there…! (Fellow plus-size ladies taking part in the campaign include half-marathoner Nancy Duchesneau and Joëlle Vaillancourt, plus model and speaker on eating disorders.)

I know, it’s all in French. You can find the translation HERE… 

This new campaign wants to spread a message of empowerment and body positivity.

To use Sportive Plus’ own words:

The #NousPouvonsEtre campaign, a reminder that plus-size women can be and do everything they desire. This video introduces Joëlle Vaillancourt, model, along with Edith Bernier, backpacker and finally Nancy Duchesneau, half-marathon runner. Their message is simple: you can do and be what you want. Candidly, they open up on their success, their challenges, but mostly on the fact that perseverance was worth it. You too can be who you desire.
(translation from the Sportive Plus’ YouTube video description)

Take an extra minute to meet Joëlle and Nancy in this other clip, featuring the three of us and introducing the campaign…

Finally, I also want to take this opportunity to encourage you to shop local this Christmas… Why not take the time to add some items from this Canadian brand under your tree this year? For you, or for the plus-size active women around you…?

Until next time, don’t forget that we can be whatever we want, and it’s not our size that defines us and what we should – or shouldn’t – do! Remember that when midnight strucks on December 31 and it’s time to find resolutions for the new year!

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