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ZAÄN Asymmetric Tunic

The ZAÄN Asymmetric Tunic was available at the brand’s pop-up shop at the National Women’s Show in Montreal, last March. Though I was already familiar with the brand – Sophie Paquette (ZAÄN designer in chief!) and I were both involved in the 2016 Montreal + Fashion Week… ►►►

Clothes & Gear

Printed Palazzo Pants by SWAK Designs

When I travel, whether it’s on the transport to get there (ESPECIALLY in that case) or once I reach my final destination and wander around, I like to be constantly dressed in soft and comfortable fabric and clothes. I think it’s an essential part to me staying sane while exploring new surroundings…  ►►►

Clothes & Gear

Ashlynn Chiffon Poncho by SWAK Designs

We hardly ever associate summer heat and ponchos, which are traditionally thick and warm (to be confirmed next September in Peru, haha!). But since last spring, it seems that the light version of this garment is one of the biggest trends for 2016 ! With a more relaxed cut than a traditional button shirt, yet more stylish than the polo or t-shirt, the poncho adds a little Bohemian touch to most outfits, without making it too sporty, but allowing full comfort and ease of movement. The Ashlynn Chiffon Poncho is SWAK Designs’ answer to this year’s trend. ►►►

Clothes & Gear

Summer Chiffon Tank by SWAK Designs

Summer is definitely on in Montreal and so is festival season! With the (often) scorching heat and through-the-roof humidity – which, in some places we travel, happens all through the year – I thought this was a great occasion to tell you about SWAK Designs’ Summer Chiffon Tank ! ►►►

Quebec Tourism

Lookback on the 1st Montreal + Fashion Week…

Montreal recently held it’s very first plus-size fashion week under the name Montreal + Fashion Week (a.k.a. MTLplusFW) during the May 20-22 weekend. Though fashion is a topic I hardly mention on this blog, I have to command the very inclusive nature of the event, and not necessarily because I was a guest speaker at the event (click here to find out more about “Pack Small-Think Big!”), but because the event also explored not only plus-size fashion and different aspects of well-being for plus-size women. ►►►